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MV Transport Ltd, hereinafter referred to as – company, accepts goods for delivery and provides clients with other services only under following conditions.



1.1 Company and client agrees upon following these rules according the agreement between parties concerning the transfer, storage of goods or other services that were agreed upon by Company and Client.

1.2 Company will accept goods for delivery and provide other services only under these conditions.

1.3 These conditions only apply to Company and Client who are related to delivery or other services.

Client must familiarize with these conditions before placing an order or accepting Company’s offer for delivery of goods or other services.

2. Application of rules

2.1 These rules apply to every shipment carried out by MV Transport Ltd:

2.2 Convention on the contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) (Geneva, 19 May 1956) applies to international carriage of goods by road.

2.3 These rules supplement and specify the provisions of contract between Client and MV Transport. If there is disagreement between these rules and mentioned contract, priority is given to provisions of contract.

2.4 These rules cannot be changed and their application cannot be prevented, except for cases when Client and representative of MV Transport, who has explicit written authorization for specific action, concludes explicit written agreement concerning this issue.


3.1 MV Transport means MV Transport Ltd Company and its employees.

3.2 “Client” means physical or juridical person, including its employees, who presents order to MV Transport Ltd Company according to contract, mentioned in point 2.4, or order without conclusion of contract.

3.3 “Sender” means party which sends the goods or person from which the goods have to be taken.

3.4 “Recipient” means the party to which goods are delivered or person who accepts the goods at a destination point.

3.5 “Packaging” means any envelope, letter, bale, packet, shipment or other cargo accepted by MV Transport Ltd.

3.6 “Shipment” means one or more packages which are delivered according to same bill of lading.


4.1 Delivery of parcel or load can be registered by:

  • Calling and providing senders data;
  • Sending SMS with sender’s address and phone number;
  • Filling order form which can be found in page, column “form of order”.

4.2 Shipments in Lithuania are gathered 1 day before departure date which is indicated in main page. Shipments in Ireland are gathered 1-3 days before.

4.3 At the time of accepting shipment for delivery, company writes contract of shipment (invoice). Also amount, weight, payment, sender and recipient of packages is indicated. Sender reassures, within this contract, that shipment does not contain items whose transportation is forbiden.

4.4 Payment for shipment can be made at the point of taking the shipment and at the point of delivery of shipment.

4.5 Preliminary time of shipping is 5-7 days.

4.6 If weight of shipment does not exceed 30kg, it must be unloaded from vehicle by MV Transport.

4.7 If weight of shipment (separate package) exceeds 30 kg or additional equipment is needed for loading, customer must assure that shipment will be loaded into vehicle by sender and unloaded by recipient.

4.8 If indicated recipient could not be located, shipment will return to storage (in Marijampole or Portlaoise co. Laois) where it will be stored until repeated delivery to recipient’s city (after 3-5 days) or recipient comes to take collect it form storage.

4.9 Parcel delivery to Skibbereen Co. Cork, Cahersiveen Co. Kerry, Dingle Co. Kerry, Co Sligo and surrounding towns may take up to 14 days or to receive the parcel within 5-6 days the customer himself/herself may come to a larger city to fetch it. Please call us for more detailed information.

4.10 In Ireland we do not go to the following locations: Co. Donegal. In Northern Ireland we go only to Newry, Armagh cities. We go to other cities of Northern Ireland only under separate agreement when there are big orders or removals.


5.1 Sender guarantees that all goods were appropriately packed and marked, and that labels contain full address and contact numbers of sender and recipient.

5.2 Sender guarantees that if weight of shipment exceeds 30 kg, person, vehicle or other equipment, excluding the driver of company, which can unload and load this shipment at points of gathering and delivery, will be provided. If sender fails to fulfill this guarantee, all losses incurred by company have to be compensated by sender.

5.3 Sender guarantees that shipment does not contain any of items indicated in point 7, if sender fails to fulfill this guarantee, all losses incurred by company have to be compensated by sender.


6.1 Customer is responsible for appropriate preparation, packaging and marking of shipment according to its technical conditions and standards. Shipment must be prepared, packaged and marked in such manner that during the transportation it would not endanger the driver/drivers, third parties, environment, other parcels and vehicle of transportation. Shipment must be in such packaging or container, which would allow it to stay unchanged (undamaged and uninjured) during its transportation, loading, unloading and storage. When documents are submitted to be shipped, they must be in envelopes. If loads have unusual features, it must be packaged according to requirements for loads of such type.

6.2 All packages must be prepared and packed for safe transportation by sender. Suitcases, bicycles, motorcycles are also fragile loads that need to be prepared for safe transportation so as not to be damaged during the trip.

6.3. MV Transport does not provide transport vehicles with temperature control. Sender is responsible for safety of goods which can be affected by conditions like temperature or changes of atmospheric pressure.

6.4. If documents are to be shipped together with goods (invoices, etc.) they must be in one of the packages. Package must have a marking indicating that it contains documents. It is recommended that documents would placed into first marked package.

6.5. If shipment will be delivered to several recipients, it must be grouped and packed separately for each recipient. It is considered as separate parcel being delivered for each recipient.

6.6. Top part of each package must be marked with these requisites:

  • Senders name and address;
  • Recipients named and address;
  • Number of package/ total number of packages (1/5; 2/5;… 5/5).


7.1. MV TRANSPORT reserves the right to reject parcels.

7.2. If by transporting such goods one or more of these rules would be violated, or if in view of MV Transport, such parcel can damage other parcels, equipment or staff, or delay delivery of other parcels.

7.3. Suitcases with locks or other locking mechanisms are not accepted for transportation, except for when sender provides a key or unlocking code in pocket of suitcase and warns the driver about it beforehand and acknowledges this fact in transportation agreement. Company does not take responsibility for accepting such parcel by mistake, because lock mechanism can be broken during customs operations.

7.4. Company will not accept further mentioned goods for delivery or storage, except in cases when company issues written approval of accepting of these goods. If such written approval was not presented, company does not take any responsibility, including losses that were incurred because of carelessness of company.

Goods that are not accepted for transportation:

  • Dangerous cargo;
  • Flammable goods;
  • Firearms;
  • Tabaco products;
  • Works of art;
  • Jewelry;
  • Money, circulating assets (including checks and so on);
  • Precious metals;
  • Vine, beer, spirits and other alcoholic beverages;
  • Quickly perishable food products;
  • Fireworks;
  • Psychotropic medications;
  • Drugs;
  • Materials and products which can damage the vehicle of transportation, be dangerous for people’s health, environment or property and is included in list of dangerous substances by expert committee of United Nations Organization, items or goods whose ownership cannot be proved by customer also items that are forbidden to transport according to the laws of Irish Republic.

7.5. Company does not undertake responsibility if, by mistake, items mentioned in point 7.4 are accepted for transportation.

7.6. MV Transport reserves the right to inspect Your parcel. Parcels containing forbidden items will not be transported.

7.7. By ordering transportation, forwarding or in any other way conditioning the submission of forbidden goods for transportation, Customer (Sender) undertakes complete responsibility for all consequences of such action and must refund all incurred loses, received fines or other unexpected expanses of MV transport or other senders, by triple rate.

7.8. Parcel, load in which forbidden items (see 7.4) are found is returned to Sender or to company’s headquarters. Customer (Sender) must take this parcel (load) from there.

7.9. According to destination of load and various formalities of control and customs some goods may have restrictions applied to them and their delivery time can be extended. MV Transport reserves the right to not accept parcels with such restrictions, or to reject packages because of protection and safety concerns. More information can be provided on your request.

7.10. Intentional violations will be reported to appropriate institutions.


8.1. Company is not responsible for indirect losses, such as loss of profit or non-pecuniary damages like reputation.

8.2. Company is not responsible for losses which were incurred because of lost load or late delivery, if this were conditioned by events which could not be changed by company, such as:

8.2.1. Legal or illegal action or inaction of institutions or establishments, and events caused by it, like traffic jams, queues and other difficulties of transporting goods.

8.2.2. Boycotts, strikes, lockouts, slow work as a form of strike, seizure of manufacturing or administration buildings and suspension of work.

8.2.2 Delays of ferries

8.2.3. Natural disasters: heavy storms, blizzards, cyclones, heavy snowfall, earthquakes, floods of seas or rivers, lightning.

8.2.4. Explosions, fires, destruction of vehicles, manufacturing buildings and some (or all) intercommunications.

8.2.5. War (declared or not declared), civil war, riots and revolutions, pirating, sabotage.

8.2.6. Procedures of customs or other national institutions.

8.2.7. Actions of sender and recipient (inaction).

8.2.8. Loss of forbidden items (goods) that were in parcels.

8.2.9. Parcel disappeared because of force majeure, if items form parcel are missing or damaged, it is impossible to determine what happened to parcel because evidence documents were destroyed and blame cannot be proved otherwise.

8.2.10. Damage occurred because of sender’s fault, because he violated requirements of service provider concerning packaging or properties of parcel (goods).

8.2.11. Parcel, items or part of items contained in parcel (goods) were confiscated according to laws and other legislative acts of sender’s or recipient’s country.

8.2.12. Recipient received the parcel and signed the acceptance document.

8.2.13. Parcel was not received because of the fault of person who was authorized to accept the delivery by recipient.

8.2.14. Parcel was lost or destroyed in country, in which refunding of losses is not applicable.


9.1. Recipient must inform about the damages in written form in 5 calendar days since the date of delivery of parcel. He/she must send e-mail to info@mvtransport.lt and present free form claim.

9.2. MV transport undertakes the responsibility to reply to the claim in 10 calendar days.



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